A BIG BANG of Content: Sprint Vector Update 1.3 Now Live on All Platforms!

May 30, 2018

Oh, you thought that Sprint Vector couldn’t possibly get crazier, didn’t you? Hachi machi, aren’t you the absolute most!

In March’s Space Race Update, Mr. Entertainment surprised his contestants with an all-new course amid the glitz and glam (and gravity wells) of Outer Vegas, a luxury resort strategically positioned between two black holes where time stands still. But there’s no way you assumed he’d see those looming voids as just window dressing, right?

You’re about to find out, as the next stage of Sprint Vector heads into the heart of the neighboring Moebius 3-15 black hole itself! Yes, there’s a top secret research center nearby that’s probing into the singularity’s depths and has ruled it a no-fly zone..but who cares?! Who knows what weirdness awaits you on the other side? Think of the ratings! This is a map that’s truly worthy of its name: Cosmic Odyssey!

But that’s not all: two more contestants have thrown their cranial adornments into the Sprint Vector race in pursuit of their hearts’ desires, and their goals are lofty, to say the least:

  • * Joining Luna in the “space stuff gone sentient” category, Rockslide is a comet who’s been exploring the vastness of space for millennia. Luckily, Mr. Entertainment has struck him a deal: if he wins, he gets a shiny new bipedal body (which he’s testing out here on the Sprint Vector tracks). But if he loses, Mr. E gains all the secrets of the known universe. You decide which option is better.
  • * As regal and stately as she is mysterious, Necho contains multitudes within her half-machine body. Her name is that of a planet long consumed by its neighboring sun, whose doomed denizens fused their consciousnesses into their undying queen. She hopes that victory in Sprint Vector will restore her long-lost home and allow the souls within her to live once more.

You can check out their shiny final forms in the video above, but we always love sharing the concept art so you can see where it all started:

Additionally, the update includes a change that many players will be stoked to hear: a new leaderboard mode! With Sprint Vector increasingly gaining popularity as a VR speedrunner, we’re adding Pure Leaderboards for all maps, so players conducting solo runs without items and AI can compete against each other solely based on skill. To go along with the implementation of Pure Leaderboards, we’re conducting a complete wipe of all leaderboards. Now that the playing field is once again level, go forth and conquer!

The Sprint Vector Big Bang Update is available now on Steam, Oculus Home, and PlayStation Network, made possible by Intel; thanks to them, all existing Sprint Vector players receive this update completely free of charge.

Patch Notes for Update 1.3 (Released May 30, 2018)

  • New Map: Cosmic Odyssey – Players can now access the new map “Cosmic Odyssey” on both single player and multiplayer races.
  • Additional Playable Characters – Players can now choose two additional playable characters, “Necho” and “Rockslide.”
  • Leaderboard Update – In-game leaderboards have been reconfigured into three new race-only leaderboards: Single-Player, Multiplayer, and Pure. The Pure leaderboard ranks players’ on both single- and multiplayer races when racing in Competitive Mode with AI Racers and Power-Ups turned off.
  • Animated Introduction – This patch adds the animated Sprint Vector trailer to the game’s launch sequence.
  • Improved Stability – This patch includes several improvements to server and client stability and optimizations for performance to improve player experience.
  • AI Pathing and Behavior – This patch includes several improvements to AI performance and behavior throughout the game.
  • Improved Collision – This patch includes several improvements to collision volumes and path smoothing throughout the game.
  • Improved Gripstream Performance – Players are now less likely to experience inconsistent positional data or 180-degree flipping when using gripstreams in multiplayer matches.
  • General Graphical Performance Improvements – This patch contains several assorted adjustments to streaming volumes and distances to improve graphical performance.
  • Oculus Slingshot Glitch – This patch fixes the “slingshot” movement exploit caused by the Oculus menu button.