Raw Data Arcade: Massive Update Now Live!

October 27, 2017

Attention VR arcade community! We have huge news for you…

We just pushed out the massive new v1.5 update of Raw Data Arcade! We couldn’t have done this without your feedback and support. This is an exclusive version of Raw Data – created specifically for arcades – that gives your players a uniquely active, intense, yet easy-to-learn VR experience with streamlined functions for arcade operators. Raw Data Arcade features simplified in-game menus, match-based progression, improved loading times, faster multiplayer matchmaking, customizable game modes, and a robust admin panel for arcade operators: all optimizations designed to make the experience as smooth and seamless for the arcade operator as it is for the gamer.

Our full release notes are below, but here’s an overview of what to expect:

  • Elder, the Rogue Hunter: our fourth playable hero, Elder is a master assassination sniper whose Viper Bow and nanotech crystalline arrows takes out enemies with sharpshooter accuracy.
  • Online PvP mode: featuring three King of the Hill-styled maps that can support up to 10 players (5 vs. 5), as well as the showdown 1v1 Duel Mode.
  • Raw Data Arcade leaderboards: see how your arcade’s star players stack up against other gamers!
  • Three intense new missions to test your courage and skill!
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements.

Here’s video tutorials on how to use each of our four heroes:

Bishop, the dual-pistol-wielding Gun Cleric

Saija, the gravity-defying Cyber Ninja

Boss, the heavy-hitting Street Merc

Elder, the arrow-sniping Rogue Hunter

For your content and promotional needs, we’ve assembled a new asset pack for you here.  Inside you’ll find logos, character art, trailers, and more to enhance your marketing efforts.

We’d love to hear your feedback about the new update! Shoot us a message at bizdev@survios.com. If you need technical support, hit us up at arcadesupport@survios.com

New Game Features and Content

New Mission: Mission 7 – Soul Decrypt

  • Ride the Eden Corp tram into the lush Botanical Gardens, but be sure to watch out for the security systems on your way in.
  • Carry your briefcase with you as you traverse the gardens to the Watson Genomics compound. Hint: stay close to the trees, especially if your vision starts to go a bit strange…
  • Hack your way inside the Watson Genomics building to acquire startling new intel.

New Mission: Mission 8 – Cataclysm

  • Delve inside Eden Tower’s expansive central Data Chamber on an elevator ride with deadly enemies awaiting on every floor.
  • Battle across environments that change on each attempt, while also disabling generators powering Eden’s own defenses. Meanwhile, Chairman Shiro has something special in store for our SyndiK8 heroes.

New Mission: Mission 10 – Fatal Error

  • Confront the true hidden face of Eden Corp in the epic final boss battle for the future of humanity.

Hostile Takeover – PvP Expansion

  • New PvP Game Mode: SyndiK8 and Eden Corp forces battle for control of a central Data Core throughout Eden Tower. Access this mode by selecting PvP in the front-end menu or selecting the PvP tab.
    • Gain control of the Data Core through king-of-the-hill style point control. Stand on the objective point to capture then defend it to maintain your control. The more of your team’s players on the point, the faster you can capture it.
    • All heroes use manual locomotion and can walk or sprint. (Teleshift is not enabled in PvP game modes.)
      • Attacking or being attacked will end sprint.
    • Ultimates begin match on cooldown and do not automatically refresh on respawn.
    • Turrets and shield stations are disabled in PvP.
    • PvP character classes feature a limited selection of abilities from their campaign counterparts, but start with all their abilities unlocked.
  • PvP Hero Classes: The PvP classes embody the spirit of the central heroes, but exist as separate entities with tweaked power sets for more engaging PvP battles.
    • Gun Cleric: Long- to mid-range class that excels at ranged gunplay with a duck-and-cover playstyle.
      • Crusader Pistols hit instantly with great accuracy.
      • Charge Shots can be lethal when getting the drop on someone.
      • Fusion Charge Shot delivers a fatal blast of energy that can quickly clear an area of opponents.
      • Ultimate ability: Bulletstorm unleashes a deadly rapid-fire barrage of bullets that doesn’t deplete your ammo.
    • Cyber Ninja: Close-range assassin who can attack while running.
      • Swords are lethal to opponents, so get close and finish them!
      • Telekinesis can be used to pull targets directly towards you.
      • Focal Strike extends blade range.
      • Ultimate ability: Shadow Slash unleashes heat-seeking energy blades with every slash of your katana.
    • Street Merc: Close- to mid-range to heavy hitter whose powerful shotgun is backed up by literal iron fists.
      • Shotgun is lethal at close ranges, but quickly falls off in power at range.
      • Well-placed grenades can take care of pesky snipers.
      • Iron Fists can be charged up by clenching your fist near your head; punch forward to charge at and smash into an opponent.
      • Ultimate ability: Fury instantly charges your Iron Fists so you can deliver multiple charged punch attacks in a row.
    • Rogue Hunter: Long-range assassin with lethal arrows and crowd-control abilities, but lower health leaves them vulnerable.
      • Tagging Arrows provide highly-accurate shots at long ranges.
      • Holo Decoy can throw off your opponent and let you know they are closing in.
      • Multi Shot Arrow turns a single arrow into a spray of three to deal damage to multiple opponents across a wider field.
      • Ultimate ability: Explosive Arrows transforms all arrows fired into incendiary projectiles that explode on impact.
  • PvP Arenas
    • Samsara: Among the many spaces here in Sector G Eco Habitat, none can compare to peace and tranquility of the Watson Genomics zen gardens! Sign up now and enjoy a period of rest, enlightenment, and ultra-violence as we eradicate the SyndiK8 forces currently storming the complex. Defend Eden’s crucial data in the simulated sun and genetically sculpted plants of our finest organic landscapes! A lush, open map set in the Gardens of Watson genomics featuring plentiful organic cover and hidden paths flanking the Data Core.
    • Attunement: Eden Tower is home to a beautiful relaxation and meditation suite that’s unfortunately currently occupied by SyndiK8 terrorists. Help defend Eden’s noble data in an interior facility designed for peaceful thinking and mindful awareness of your deadly opponents. Take advantage of our second floor balconies to stay ahead in ranged conflicts, or hide behind our modern outdoor planters for surprise close encounters!
    • Terminus: Come and explore the Sector J Shipping Harbor like never before! Enjoy scenic vistas from the tallest tower in the world while protecting Eden’s confidential data from insurgent activities. A dense, industrial area surrounding a heavily-fortified Data Core, Terminus offers something for everyone. Those on the ground can take cover behind Zaitomo’s ballistic-resistance cargo containers, while snipers gain the upper hand with an array of sprawling catwalks and vertical pathways!
    • Duel Mode
      • Face off 1v1 against a friend in a deadly fight for survival. Best 3 out of 5 wins!

New Hero: Elder, Rogue Hunter – Bring Elder, the Rogue Hunter’s eagle eyes, stealthy gameplay, and powerful archery abilities into the fight.

  • New Weapon: Viper Compound Bow – Elder’s unique weapon forms a variety of arrows out of crystalline nanotech.
  • Abilities:
    • Basic Shot: To create a Basic Arrow, hold your hand near the bow string and press the Trigger button to start forming an arrow while pulling back. Take aim, and release!
    • Charged Arrow:Much like Bishop’s Crusader Pistols, Elder can charge up an arrow so it deals additional damage. To create a Charged Arrow, form a basic arrow, pull it back, and hold for a brief moment.
    • Tagging Arrow: These special arrows tag targets in an area with a homing signal. For a short period, all your other arrows (including Multi Shot Arrows) will automatically aim at any tagged target at which you’re looking, so this is your time to rapid-fire away!
    • Multi-Shot: The Charged Arrow also has a split personality, in that it can be configured to fire in a spread of five individual arrows. Each of these Multi Shot Arrow projectiles deals less damage than a normal basic arrow, but is an effective spray-and-pray that can stall a massive horde of robots or drones surging toward you. Form a Multi Shot Arrow by creating a Charged Arrow while holding Trigger on your bow hand to freely toggle between Charge Shot and Multi Shot.
    • Holo Decoy: Elder has more than just arrows up his sleeve. The aptly-named Holo Decoy is a lifelike illusion that, once deployed, draws enemies away—essentially lining them up for you to take them down. The best part: the Crystal Decoy explodes after taking a set amount of damage. Press the Grip buttons near your dominant-side hip to generate a decoy.
    • Crystal Hazard: Both of Elder’s ultimate abilities create crystalline arrows that hit with a decisive impact. The first of these is Crystal Hazard; wherever a Crystal Hazard arrow lands, it shatters on impact to leave behind a lingering AoE that slows and damages enemies, as well as increasing additional damage taken.
    • Explosive Arrows: His second ultimate ability is straightforward, but definitely hits hard. Explosive Arrows does just what it says: it modifies the composition of your crystalline arrows so they explode on impact! While active, all crystalline arrows formed are Explosive Arrows.

New Joystick/Trackpad Locomotion Options: One of the most requested features of Raw Data has been a non-teleportation-based locomotion system. With the advent of PvP, we’re also setting up an option for players to experience the main campaign with direct locomotion!

  • In campaign mode, players can choose between Teleport Only, or Walk.
    • Teleport Only is the classic experience utilizing Teleshift, Raw Data’s signature short-range teleportation locomotion.
    • Walk is a hybrid option that lets you manually move around, but still allows you to Teleshift by clicking in your joystick/touchpad. Enemies will attack faster, shoot longer, and get in your face more often to provide a competitive challenge.
    • PvP only supports joystick/touchpad locomotions and features sprinting instead of Teleshift.
  • To go with the new movement style, are new adjustable options!
    • Head-Based Steering: The reference direction is determined by where you are facing, so pressing forward will move your character towards where you are looking
    • Controller-Based Steering: The reference direction is determined by where your secondary hand is pointing. Rolling your hand left/right also causes you to strafe.
    • Click to Move is an option for Vive’s trackpad that changes how you interact with the touchpad. On Touch, any movement on the touchpad will translate into motion. On Click you must first press the button to move, or doubleclick to teleport/sprint.
    • Comfort mode setting: FOV is now dynamically modified during particularly intense moments/actions. You can turn this default behavior off in the Gameplay option settings.
    • You can now enable smooth turning on platforms that support quick-turn functionality (Oculus Rift+Touch) in Gameplay options.

Helper System: Tutorial pop-ups will now trigger to guide players who might be struggling or to remind them of unused features. This system can be disabled in the Options menu.

Ninja Bots (Tekomo Series): 2nd Pass – Both Stealth and Teleshifting models have received significant upgrades to help give them a more diverse feel, and present a more dynamic challenge in all missions.

  • Stealth
    • Now focuses exclusively on killing the player.
    • Approaches from stealth, and will reveal itself with a palm strike that temporarily disables all your locomotion options.
    • Once revealed, can now approach the player while protecting itself with its sword.
    • After sustaining enough damage, will flip backwards while entering stealth and will attempt to re-engage.
  • Teleshifter
    • From long range, will channel briefly before teleporting to the player with an attack, and then retreating to origin point. Will continue behavior until a player engages them.
    • Once engaged, will slowly walk forward while teleshifting.
    • Once in melee will slash, and occasionally leap backwards into a teleshift… and then fly right back at you with a powerful slam attack.

Heavy Bots (Dynomo Series) – 2nd Pass – Both heavy-style robots have behavior improvements as well as the addition of weak spots.

  • Heavy Charger – Now chooses its attacks more intelligently.
    • Is more likely to punch players, instead of always trying to use slow overhand slam and stomp attacks on nearby players.
    • The overhand slam has been changed to trigger if it suffers enough damage while near a player. Few player abilities can stop this!
    • Legs are now considered a weak point. Focusing fire on the legs will make them spark and malfunction. The next time this enemy charges it will destroy itself.
  • Heavy Rocket:  Changes behavior based on distance to players.
    • Behavior types
      • Long Range: Will fire rockets upward that seek the player. If left alone will flash eye and fire multiple rockets upward.
      • Mid Range: Will attempt to side strafe left and right while firing forward.
      • Close: Will punch players, knocking them a medium distance.
    • The rocket arm is now considered a weak point. Focusing fire on it will cause it to spark and malfunction, causing it to explode the next time a rocket attempts to fire.
  • Rack-up Screen Polish Pass: The screen that displays after completing a mission has received significant visual polish to be more rewarding and streamlined for the player.
  • Privacy Bubble: When enabled in Options, this feature will prevent other human players from invading the personal space of the player, transforming interlopers into a harmless semi-transparent avatar.
  • New Ability Selector Implemented: Activated abilities can now be accessed quickly by holding down the trackpad or clicking in the joystick on the player’s main-hand controller to create a holographic interface. Abilities can be triggered by physically moving your hand into the appropriate holographic cube.
  • New Meta Tool Selector Implemented: clicking down touchpad/joystick activates the defense mode selector. Use it similarly to the new Ability Selector.
  • Oculus Rift+Touch Support: Raw Data now supports Oculus Rift+Touch for both Steam and Oculus Home users!
    • Cross-Platform Play supported – play co-op with Steam or Oculus users regardless of hardware!
    • Oculus Quick-turn & Guide Arrows – Players can use quick-turn to navigate Eden Corp with the Oculus Touch 2-camera configuration. Additionally, holographic guide-arrows will help keep the player oriented toward their sensors even during intense combat. Quick-turn can be disabled in the options menu.

Gameplay/Balance Improvements

Increased time limit on Mission 1 – Hard Point

Boss Hero Updates

  • Pump-to-Reload: Manual magazine loading on Dominator Shotgun has been removed; only pumping is required. Additionally, the Dominator Shotgun can be pumped/reloaded with one hand by quickly tilting it up and down or punching it back and forward.
  • Iron First – Dash forward with each punch, and the charge-up time has been removed. (There is a brief cooldown per fist after use)
  • Nade Launcher: The ability to detonate grenades in the air.
  • Shotgun position no longer averaged out between both hands – the trigger grip will stay at the held hand position, regardless of how far you pull the pump hand.

Saija Hero Updates

  • Shadow Slash has been reworked with improved projectile spawning and homing behavior
  • Enemies can now be delimbed after death
  • Enemies legs will now delimb on torso delimbing
  • Saija now has access to Dual Katanas. At least one blade must be sheathed in order to use Telekinesis.

Bishop Hero Updates

  • Crusader Pistols reworked to feel more responsive in multiplayer settings.
  • Charge Shot now consumes ammo on use.

Graphics / Performance Optimizations

  • UE4.15 Engine Upgrade
  • Forward Renderer Enabled w/ MSAA
  • Graphics Options Improvements
  • CPU optimizations across the board improving CPU performance by 40%+ on average