Here Comes a New Challenger: Introducing Sprint Vector!

February 28, 2017

If you’ve been following the coverage from GDC–and if you watched the AMD keynote livestream–you’ve probably heard the exciting news: we’ve officially announced our newest game.

This is Sprint Vector, the galaxy’s most hyper-intense game show–and its newest star is YOU!

A hyperactive, space-punk adrenaline platformer, Sprint Vector is the ultimate competitive Active VR experience that merges the physical thrill of high-octane athletic competition with the unhinged energy of a zany interactive game show, all powered by a fluid locomotion system that allows for a new level of immersion. Race against your friends across interdimensional obstacle courses that’ll have you running, climbing, leaping, and flying at superhuman speeds. At stake: intergalactic fame and fortune–and a pretty effective workout!

Sprint Vector features Survios’ innovative new Fluid Locomotion System, which utilizes intuitive controls based on realistic motion for ultra-smooth, high-speed VR locomotion. It’s also an intelligent system–it “learns” your intended motion–so you can concentrate on the course, not the controls.

More information about Sprint Vector is coming soon! For the latest news, follow Survios on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and sign up for news alerts at