A Letter to the VR Community from Survios

December 13, 2016

Hi all! We’re very excited to announce that Survios has closed new funding totaling $50 million, led by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM).

I want to take this moment to thank everyone for this opportunity to make something great together. We would not be where we are today without you. For VR technology to have advanced this far this fast is incredible, and it’s all due to the limitless vision and tireless dedication of its advocates—this amazing community of VR gamers, developers, enthusiasts, and visionaries. From content creators to passionate players, you have all directly contributed to VR solidifying its status as the new entertainment medium. And for that, we thank you.

When we got started with our first tech demo, a little period shooter called Zombies on the Holodeck!, we never dreamed that in a few short years we’d be here with this amazing community having a blast making what we love. Now that the industry is beginning to move past early adoption and into more mainstream awareness, we consider ourselves very lucky and blessed to be able to develop and deliver the best VR content we can muster.

From the get-go, Survios’ driving motivation has been to create breathtaking VR experiences—and that hasn’t changed. As we continue to grow, we can now enable others to realize their dreams. Through Survios’ publishing support, we aim to provide a wide range of resources so that devs can concentrate on what really matters: creating awesome experiences from the ground up for VR and sharing them with a community that cares.

What does this mean for Raw Data? Our mission hasn’t changed. We are going to complete Raw Data as we originally set out to do, delivering more missions, heroes, items, and abilities; further polishing the gameplay; and adding in lots of story-driven elements so that the finished product is not only super fun to play, but also has the depth and fullness you crave. We also have a few unannounced surprises in store for you along the way. 🙂 Stay tuned for more about that!

Again, thank you so much for your ongoing support of both Survios and VR.

James & Survios Team