“Best VR Game of GDC 2016: one of the most
immersive games we’ve tried.” —Tom’s Guide

“You’ll feel as though you did a lot more than just play a videogame.” —WIRED

“No other title delivers this feeling...an out-of-body experience
that I’ve never had before.” —VentureBeat

“It’s worth coming back to tonight, tomorrow, and next week,
like great console and computer games.” —TechCrunch

“Raw Data is a must-play HTC Vive game.” —HardcoreGamer

“It’s intuitive, it's challenging and it’s an incredible amount of fun.” —Polygon

“A thrill ride I didn’t want to end...a must-own VR game.” —COG Connected

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The Creators

The designers of Active VR content. Our goal: shatter conventions about what it means to play. Take charge as you wield your katana, explore uncharted realms and expand your capabilities: Survios take you beyond the game into a visceral experiencing.

For us, hardware and software are two sides of the same coin. Through development from both perspectives, we can really conceptualize the ideal user experience.

James Iliff   \   CCO
  • "This is a quantum leap forward from a normal video game experience."

    David S. Cohen   \   Variety

  • "[Survios] delivered an experience I couldn’t get any other way."

    Dean Takahashi   \   VentureBeat

  • "To say the least, the [Survios] experience is incredible. You really do feel like an action hero..."

    Kim-Mai Cutler   \   Tech Crunch

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