Welcome to the new era of entertainment

The virtual reality revolution is upon us.
We founded Survios to further our immersion research and craft new forms of VR gaming, software, and entertainment.

Bringing VR to life

We are creating immersive environments unlike anything you have experienced before. The gaming experiences and software applications that emerge from this are lifelike and visceral. Move freely throughout digital space in three dimensions. Peek around corners, dodge oncoming fire, and put your whole body into the game. We want you to be physically free to explore your imagination.

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  • "This is a quantum leap forward from a normal video game experience."

    David S. Cohen   \   Variety

  • "[Survios] delivered an experience I couldn’t get any other way."

    Dean Takahashi   \   VentureBeat

  • "To say the least, the [Survios] experience is incredible. You really do feel like an action hero..."

    Kim-Mai Cutler   \   Tech Crunch

Building the experiences we want to play

We see a world where virtual reality is the preferred way to play. To get there, we're taking a holistic approach to hardware and software development.

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