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Virtual reality attracts a unique mix of gamers, tech enthusiasts, and visionaries–each with a compelling story to tell. We want to know what makes them tick, so we’re featuring top players within the Raw Data community in a series of interviews here on Survios.com.

For today’s VIP Spotlight, we reached out to Zeshin (aka Heroes n’ Fools) for his thoughts on VR gaming.

What convinced you to become a VR early adopter?
I became an early adopter of VR when I first saw news and images of the Oculus. I really wanted to get immersed into those worlds, and visions of being able to see Skyrim up close, or my builds in Minecraft, or to muck around with MC mods kept me interested. Also, at the time I was having a lot of issues with my health, and I kept thinking what if something bad happened, and I never got to see it? So I saved up for over 6 months, got a rig that could run the Oculus, pre-ordered that bad boy and waited the day I could taste VR.

What has been your favorite Raw Data moment so far?
I would have to say seeing the opening to the first level was my favorite moment, watching the creepy robot move around and breaking the glass. The first time I saw it, the dude creeped me out. Although each time after I can’t help but laugh at its snappy motion :3

What other VR games have impressed you?
Another VR game that impressed me was Hot Dogs, Horseshoes, and Hand Grenades, or H3 for short. The attention to detail to reloading, modding, and messing around with all the guns is just fascinating. The double barrel is so fun to shoot, the automatics are awesome, and I could just shoot at stuff for hours in that game.
Which of your all-time favorite games would you most like to see remade in VR?
Really any of the Elder Scrolls games. I really just want a fantasy/magic game where I can go around and explore wide open areas, go up and talk to NPCs, and have a big epic adventure. Some of the limitations of VR kinda makes that hard to do, but I think if a game used the run in place movement (teleport optional) and smart controls/inventory it could be done.

What brand new concept would you love to see in VR that hasn’t happened yet?
Besides a fleshed out version of the game I mentioned above, I would really love a Doodle God-esque sandbox game… something where you’re combining elements to create a toy essentially that you can use to build/destroy your environment. So like you would get the base elements, you could make a little area with earth, ponds with water, and set everything on fire, etc. But if you combine your water from one hand to the earth in another you get ice or mud or something. Overall it’d be a shorter experience, but the more combinations you could make the longer and more interesting the game play. Either that or a Magika-esque wave game where you have to combine elements in your hands to make spells to destroy your foes.

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