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SyndiK8 Hero Profile: Elder, the Rogue Hunter

SyndiK8 Hero Profile: Elder, the Rogue Hunter

Welcome to the fourth Raw Data hero profile! In this series, we’ll give you insight into how SyndiK8’s top operatives utilize nanotechnology to gain enhanced abilities, both through their weapons and with their minds.

In October 2016, OG Raw Data heroes gun cleric Bishop and cyber ninja Saija were joined by street merc Boss, a heavy hitter packing the one-two punch of a destructive Dominator Shotgun and deadly Iron Fists. SyndiK8’s fourth hero—Elder the Rogue Hunter—has been hotly anticipated since the early Alpha demo days (circa VRLA Winter 2015), but he hasn’t taken this invitation to join the resistance movement lightly. Formerly one of the most deadly assassins in the world, he left behind a life of murder to retreat into a peaceful existence with his family—until Eden Corp upended his solitude and forced him to take aim at the evils of his past.

Update 0.7 brings Elder, the Rogue Hunter’s eagle eyes, stealthy gameplay, and powerful archery abilities into the fight. Let’s dive more into this futuristic Robin Hood as he steals Eden Corp of its noble data to win back a treasured remnant of his past: his daughter, Saija.


Not Throwing Away My Shot

In comparison to Bishop’s two-handed firepower and Boss’s boomstick explosions, Elder’s gameplay shares a lot more with that of his daughter: strategic manipulation from afar to set up the most efficient attacks possible. That’s not to say he doesn’t dole out the damage—once his target’s lined up, even Elder’s basic attacks strike with deadly force.

Since he’s equipped with a matter generator, Elder always has arrows at his disposal. Additionally, the crystalline arrows he fires from his enhanced Viper Compound Bow can be imbued with various nanotechnologies to charge, split, scatter, explode, home in on targets, and more. To create a Basic Arrow, hold your hand near the bow string and press the Trigger button to start forming an arrow while pulling back. Once it’s fully formed, take aim and release!

Much like Bishop’s Crusader Pistols, Elder can charge up an arrow so it deals additional damage. To create a Charged Arrow, form a basic arrow, pull it back, and hold for a brief moment.

The Charged Arrow also has a split personality, in that it can be configured to fire in a spread of five individual arrows. Each of these Multi Shot Arrow projectiles deals less damage than a normal basic arrow, but is an effective spray-and-pray that can stall a massive horde of robots or drones surging toward you. Form a Multi Shot Arrow by creating a Charged Arrow, pulling back, and then holding Trigger on the hand holding the Viper Bow; this will transform the arrow into a Multi Shot Arrow. Holding or releasing the bow-hand Trigger button will freely toggle between Charged Arrows or Multi Shot Arrows.


Tag & Release

Although he pulls most of his arrows out of thin air, Elder does possess a physical quiver, and inside are his most valuable projectiles: Tagging Arrows. These special arrows tag targets in an area with a homing signal. For a short period, all your other arrows (including Multi Shot Arrows) will automatically aim at any tagged target at which you’re looking, so this is your time to rapid-fire away!

Grab a Tagging Arrow from your back with the Trigger or Grip buttons, nock it in the Viper Bow, aim, and release to establish the tagged area.


Look! A Big Distracting Thing!

Elder has more than just arrows up his sleeve. The aptly-named Holo Decoy is a lifelike illusion that, once deployed, draws enemies away—essentially lining them up for you to take them down. The best part: the Holo Decoy explodes after taking a set amount of damage. Press the Grip buttons near your dominant-side hip to generate a decoy.


Hazardous Terrain

Both of Elder’s ultimate abilities create crystalline arrows that hit with a decisive impact. The first of these is Crystal Hazard; wherever a Crystal Hazard arrow lands, it shatters on impact to leave behind a lingering AoE that slows and damages enemies, as well as increasing additional damage taken.

Create a Crystal Hazard arrow pressing down on your trackpad or joystick, move your arm left to select, then release. The next arrow you form will be a Crystal Hazard arrow. Aim and fire at the ground where you want the AoE to deploy.

His second ultimate ability is straightforward, but definitely hits hard. Explosive Arrows does just what it says: it modifies the composition of your crystalline arrows so they explode on impact! While active, all crystalline arrows formed are Explosive Arrows.

To activate Explosive Arrows, press down on your trackpad/joystick/Move button, move your arm right to select, then release.


Band of Rogues

Don’t let Elder’s normally quiet demeanor and seemingly distant gameplay style fool you. When he goes into action alongside any member of SyndiK8, he brings a whole new level of crowd control that can change the course of a fight. Elder plays a valuable role in setting up opportunities for both players to profit, so communicate well to pull off stunningly powerful combos.

With the right positioning, careful timing, and synchronization of abilities, Elder and his teammate can deal a devastating blow to Eden Corp:

  • Crystal Hazard + Explosive Arrow + Multi Shot Arrow: as enemies struggle through Crystal Hazard’s AoE, pick them off with sprays of incendiary Multi Shot Arrows
  • Holo Decoy + Tagging Arrow: it’s like shooting bots as they come off the line, with a bonus explosion at the end
  • Timewarp (Bishop) + Crystal Hazard/Tagging Arrow: when time’s on your side, launch a Tagging Arrow to nab headshot after headshot
  • Holo Decoy + Air Juggle (Boss) + Tagging Arrow: round up enemies with a decoy; when Boss throws them up, shoot them down with deadly accuracy
  • Holo Decoy + Crystal Hazard + Iron Fist/Fury (Boss): distract the bots, decrease their defense, and let Boss pummel them into submission
  • Holo Decoy/Crystal Hazard + Shadow Slash/Levitation Smash (Saija): deal a father-daughter double blow by grouping or slowing enemies, then let Saija unleash her rage on those unfortunate robots

It was with a heavy heart that Elder once again took up his bow, one that has ended many unsuspecting lives with the momentary flash of a glinting arrowhead. But this cause is greater than himself, and the skill he brings is enough to give humanity the edge in this battle once and for all—enough that he may finally regain the trust of the one being he tried, and failed, to protect from Eden’s evil.