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The Music of Raw Data with Jeremy Nathan Tisser

The Music of Raw Data with Jeremy Nathan Tisser

One of the aspects that can make or break a game is its music, especially in a VR game where it can effectively enhance or kill the emotional immersion we try to achieve. Fortunately, Raw Data has Jeremy Nathan Tisser, an experienced composer and conductor, at the helm of its intense soundtrack. Merging his metal background with an academic understanding of orchestral composition (he has an MFA from the University of Southern California)–plus a hefty dose of film-geek knowledge–Tisser has created a science-fiction soundtrack that transports you deep into the sinister heart of Eden Corp.

We had the chance to sit down and talk with Tisser about the experience of creating the music of Raw Data. Along the way, we learn how composing for games is different than for films, how a heavy metal guitar solo worked its way into one level, and that an instrument called a blaster beam not only exists, but prominently features on the soundtrack.

Listen to our interview now, then enjoy the sonic intensity of two exclusive┬áRaw Data tracks, “Data Chamber” and “Skyport”:

And if you’re curious about that insane-sounding blaster beam instrument, here it is in action during a Raw Data recording session manned by its maestro, Craig Huxley.

Thanks for listening! We’ll have more behind-the-scenes features on Raw Data‘s development coming up soon, so stay tuned. ­čÖé