Commercial Licensing

Quick Facts on Raw Data

  • Raw Data launched into Steam Early Access in July 2016, providing the Vive community with the first true AAA online 2 player co-op game
  • Within hours, Raw Data became the #1 selling game on Steam globally, and continues to be a top selling VR game today, earning industry awards and press recognition
  • The retail success was mirrored at the arcade level as well, with some partners reporting that Raw Data drives 60-80% of arcade revenue
Raw Data on top of Steam Charts
  • “Best VR Game of GDC 2016: one of the most immersive games we’ve tried.”
  • “You’ll feel as though you did a lot more than just play a videogame.”
  • “No other title delivers this out-of-body experience that I’ve never had before.”
  • “It’s worth coming back to tonight, tomorrow, and next week, like great console and computer games.”
  • “Raw Data is a must-play HTC Vive game.”
  • “It’s intuitive, it's challenging and it’s an incredible amount of fun.”
  • “A thrill ride I didn’t want to end...a must-own VR game.”

Arcade Features

As a Survios Commercial Partner, you will be given access to Raw Data Arcade: an optimized version of Raw Data with special features developed exclusively for the arcade experience.

Customizable Gameplay Timer
Streamlined Player UX
Fully Unlocked Quickplay Mode
Customizable Match-Based Progression Mode
Optimized 2 Player Co-op Matchmaking
Improved Loading Times
Arcade Operator Console Tools
Technical & Marketing Support

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15% off with annual billing!


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