• Dual katanas

    Allows Saija to wield two Flash Blades at once. Draw her second Flash Blade from the other shoulder. Note that you must sheathe one Flash Blade in order to use Telekinesis.

  • Katana throw

    Throw your sword like a spinning boomerang and cut through multiple attackers, both ways.

  • Focal strike

    Grip blade with both hands near your head to charge, then unleash a lethal strike with increased reach and power.

  • Telekinesis

    Manipulate gravity to lift multiple enemies into the air, crush them to pieces, or launch them into oblivion with a flick of your wrist.

  • Levitation smash

    Rise above the battle, then come crashing back down with a devastating AOE and forward energy blast.

  • Shadowslash

    Your blade is an extension of your soul—and it’s hungry for revenge. Release razor-sharp, heat-seeking beams with every slash.



The operative known as Saija is one driven by a single-minded vengeance. Her father, Elder—just as his father before him, and his father before him—was raised by an ancient and immoral group of assassins known as The Shimmering Blade. But Elder broke the cycle, removing his family from the pitiless order taught to thoughtlessly deal death by contract.

Soon after, their village was moved as part of the Eden Corp Eminent Domain Initiative to expand the Tokyo SupurĊru (“Tokyo Sprawl”). Saija’s mother died in the relocation, and Saija blamed Eden Corporation. She couldn’t understand why her father refused to fight to avenge her mother. She believed him a coward, so Saija returned to the ancient order from which her father fled to make a deal.

She submitted herself to experimentation by The Shimmering Blade’s Research and Development Arm, allowing herself to be bonded into a cybernetic suit that increased her abilities and reaction time a hundredfold—but also stole a piece of her essential humanity. But Saija doesn’t care. She has made herself into a weapon and sworn herself to the service of a demon in order to kill the Devil himself.



With its sleek edge sizzling with energy, this katana is sharper than any honed steel. Wielded with one or both hands, it can also do so much more than slice and dice at melee range.

As you slash, the Flash Blade’s Deflection Counter returns incoming enemy projectiles to their sender. And when there’s fire raining from above, it doubles as a whirling Boomerang Katana that always comes back.