• Charged arrow

    Make each shot count. Charged Arrow empowers your crystalline arrows to cause more destruction when it hits home.

  • Mutli shot arrow

    Spray and pray: Multi Shot Arrow splits a Charged Arrow into five smaller arrows that fire in a spread pattern.

  • Tagging arrow

    Like shooting robots off the line, Tagging Arrow tags targets in an area with a homing signal, so all your other arrows will automatically aim at any tagged target at which you’re looking.

  • Holo decoy

    Herd hapless bots into killing position with a lifelike Holo Decoy that mimics your arm movement, distracts your enemies, and explodes after taking a set amount of damage.

  • Crystal hazard

    Difficult terrain ahead: Crystal Hazard generates a special crystalline arrow that shatters on impact into a lingering AOE. Enemies within the area are slowed, take constant damage, and take additional damage from all sources.

  • Explosive arrows

    Fire in the hole! Explosive Arrows modifies the composition of your crystalline arrows so they explode on impact! While active, all crystalline arrows formed are Explosive Arrows.



Elder has lived a long life, a statement which only compounds in meaning in a world where nanotechnology and matter replication have effectively doubled the lifespan of the average human being. In fact, Elder was already 100 when he met Atsuko, the woman who convinced him to give up his life as an assassin for The Shimmering Blade. When she died after Eden Corp demolished her ancestral home, Elder refused to avenge her death. Furious at his seeming inaction, Elder’s daughter Saija gave herself to the Blade. And, for the first time in Elder’s life, he had something to fight for that wasn’t money or survival.

As a reluctant SyndiK8 operative, he believes in their mission, but his true reason for fighting is to protect Saija. And a lifetime of skills honed as an assassin make him well-suited to the task. As a former assassin of the ancient order of The Shimmering Blade, Elder endured torturous training rituals to become one of its most feared killers, wielding a technologically-enhanced bow to deal death with a single shot from the shadows.



The Viper Bow is a compound energy bow that forms and fires incendiary plasma arrows with deadly accuracy. The arrows formed by Elder’s crystalline matter generator can be imbued with a variety of crowd-control and damage-dealing nanotech enhancements.