• Quad chamber

    Give your arm a break: pumping the shotgun now chambers four shells instead of just one.

  • Nade Launcher

    Pull the alt trigger to launch up to three plasma grenades, then detonate to completely obliterate enemies in your path.

  • Proximity reload

    Skip the clip. Automatically reload your shotgun by simply touching it to your shoulder and save precious seconds.

  • Iron fist

    Clench your fist near your head to charge, then punch forward to devastate whatever is in your path.

  • Air juggle

    Release a supersonic blast that throws enemies up into the air. Who’s up for some target practice?

  • Fury mode

    Unleash the Fury: take reduced damage and keep your arms constantly charged for rapid Iron Fist punches. Overcharge your fists even more to unleash an ultimate finishing move.



As a street mercenary turned operative, Boss only cares about one thing: money. It’s not that he doesn’t like people; he’s just learned the hard way if you don’t look after yourself, no one will. Boss grew up in an American ghetto in Hong Kong, as part of the 49th Street Zhanshis (Mandarin for “Warriors”), whose ranks he eventually ascended to become their leader—that is, until one of his lieutenants betrayed him and sent Boss to prison for murder.

To reduce his sentence, Boss willingly submitted himself as a test subject for a series of nanotech experiments, allowing himself to be injected with a swarm of nano-assemblers that amped up his strength and speed but almost killed him in the process. When Boss was released, he avoided his old life, drawn instead to the “Merc Exchange” that had sprung up on the various Hong Kong Dark Nets while he was on the inside. As a Merc, he used the deadly combination of his criminal standing, nano enhancements, street smarts, gang skills, and hardened mindset to perform jobs for the highest bidder.

This led to Boss being contracted as an operative for SyndiK8. They’re hackers, after all. Their ability to perform jobs in the real world is limited—especially those dangerous jobs, like the ones Boss does for them as long as the credits deposit upon completion. But Boss has a secret. His Grandmother was killed as part of the Shinjuku Cataclysm of 2070, destroying his family’s business and spiraling them into poverty.



This heavy pump-action shotgun would be a double-hander for most humans, but in Boss’s iron grips it’s as light as a pistol. Each clip stores 12 metal-shredding shells designed to tear through the heaviest armor with collateral damage.

And when the heat’s coming in, a second trigger deploys up to three auto-regenerating plasma grenades for some series area-clearing power.