• Dual pistols

    A true Gun Cleric always goes akimbo. Gain a second pistol and holster for double the firepower.

  • Proximity reload

    Skip the clip. Automatically reload your pistol by simply touching it to your holster and save precious seconds.

  • Charged shot

    Unleash a powerful, armor-piercing projectile that passes through multiple enemies.

  • Fusion charged shot

    Merge double Charged Shots into a single devastating energy blast that can one-shot most bots.

  • Bulletstorm

    Unleash an automatic fiery barrage of self-replicating nano rounds that don’t deplete your ammo.

  • Timewarp

    Become one with your bullet: time slows down for a brief moment, allowing you to line up that fatal headshot.



The man known as Bishop worked for most of his life as a “fixer” for Eden Corp. It was during this time that he accumulated his impressive retinue of skills, handling everything and anything for his corporate family—up to and including violence and intimidation. Bishop (like most of the world’s population) was always under the impression Eden Corp served a greater good. Investigating corporate espionage, shutting down IP theft from within and without, or unlawful competition in the form of street “start-ups’ that made use of Eden Corp patents or trademarks: these were just the price of doing business in the corporate world.

Or so Bishop thought, until the night a SyndiK8 hacker made contact with him on his work console. Then he began to understand the true scope of Eden Corp activities. Now Bishop is a man with a mission: to make up for all the terrible things he did (knowingly or unknowingly) during his time at Eden Corp, giving him a clarity few SyndiK8 operatives possess.



In his former life, Bishop became proficient in what others have called “Gun Fu,” a form of close-quarters combat that resembles martial arts, but uses firearms in place of traditional weapons, transforming a simple shootout into a ballet of bullets at superhuman speeds.

His weapon of choice is the Crusader 10mm Pistol, a classic one-handed firearm whose slugs pack a serious, armor-piercing punch. It holds 15 bullets in its chamber and fires as fast as you can pull the trigger.