Story & Mission Overview

The year is 2271. Neo-Shinjuku, having been rebuilt and re-imagined by industrial replicators since the Shinjuku Cataclysm of the 2080s, has become Tokyo Supurōru’s busiest special ward and remains the hub of international commerce. Dominating its skyline: the imposing silhouette of Eden Tower, the global headquarters of Eden Corp, whose products and services dominate the world economy.

However, as the secrets behind Chairman Shiro’s new “Promotion” program become clear, the reality gets much more complicated. Does it really grant immortality? What is Eden truly collecting? It seems that Eden’s corporate veneer may be just a thin facade for something much, much worse.


As one of SyndiK8’s elite operatives, you must infiltrate Eden Tower, download as much raw data as possible to expose Eden Corp’s atrocities, and escape alive—and human—all while putting your wits, boldness, and endurance to the test. However, Chairman Shiro does not take kindly to dissidents, and you may be forced to question the nature of your very self and soul in the process.

Humanity is depending on you. Are you ready to accept your mission? Before you head out, let’s review your loadout.


At game launch, there are multiple configuration settings to provide you with the best experience:

  • Calibrate Height: Automatically adjusts the scale of the game to your height
  • Control Scheme
    • Sticky: Click Grip buttons once to pick up a weapon or object. It will remain in your hands until you interact with another item.
    • Toggle: Click Grip buttons once to pick up a weapon or object. Click Grip buttons again to drop it.
    • Hold: Click and hold Grip buttons to pick up and use a weapon or object. Releasing the Grip buttons will make you drop the item.
    • Dominant Hand: Adjusts game controls for right- or left-handedness

Simon Says: Know Your Controllers

Controller Overview

Built from the ground up exclusively for VR, Raw Data utilizes innovative Active VR gameplay that turns your entire body into a controller, fully immersing you within its cinematic experience.

HTC Vive Controls

  • Menu Button
    • Dominant Hand: Brings up Defense Builder Tool
    • Non-Dominant Hand: Brings up Game Menu
  • Trackpad: Press and swipe left or right to active Ultimates (dominant hand only)
  • System Button: Brings up Steam/Home menu
  • Trigger: Fires Crusader Pistol or Dominator ShotgunGrip Buttons: Click both buttons at once to pick up objects (see Control Scheme)
  • Grip Buttons: Click both buttons at once to pick up objects (see Control Scheme)

Oculus Controls

  • X and A Buttons: Quick-turn your hero 90 degrees
  • X and A Buttons: Quick-turn your hero 90 degrees
    • Dominant hand: Brings up Defense Builder Tool
    • Non-dominant hand: Brings up Game Menu
  • Joystick: Press and click left or right to active Ultimates (dominant hand only)
  • Oculus Button: Brings up Steam/Home menu
  • Trigger: Fires Crusader Pistol or Dominator Shotgun
  • Grip Buttons: Click button to pick up objects (see Control Scheme)

The Guide Arrows indicate where the Oculus cameras are located in relation to you. This ensures you don't move out of their tracking range.

PSVR Controls

  • Locomotion
    • Teleshift mode: press and hold the off-hand controller's Move button. A purple energy beam and target indicator will display. Move your controller to target your desired destination. Release to teleport to the target location.
    • Walk mode: on the off-hand controller, press the Move button to walk forward and the button to move backwards. To strafe, press to go left and to go right.
    • Quick turn: in either locomotion mode, quickly turn 180° using the (left) and (right) buttons on the main-hand controller.
  • Weapons, Defenses and Abilities
    • Use the button on your main- and off-hand controllers to pick up and holster your weapons.
    • The main- and off-hand T-Buttons fire guns and activate some weapon-specific special abilities.
    • To activate an ultimate ability, press the Move button on the main-hand controller to bring up the ability selector.
    • To deploy a defense, press on the main-hand controller to bring up the Meta-Tool menu, select a defense, and place using the main-hand button.

Hero Loadout

Bishop Bishop

Operative Profile: Bishop

Background: Previously worked as a “Fixer” for Eden Corp, investigating corporate espionage, shutting down IP theft from within and without, and eliminating unlawful “street startups.” Now Bishop is a man with a mission: to make up for all the terrible things he did (knowingly or unknowingly) during his time at Eden Corp, giving him a clarity few SyndiK8 operatives possess.

Classification: Gun Cleric—specialist in “Gun Fu,” a form of close-quarters combat that resembles martial arts, but uses firearms in place of traditional weapons, transforming a simple shootout into a ballet of bullets at superhuman speeds.

Weapon: Crusader 10mm Pistol, a classic one-handed firearm whose slugs pack a serious, armor-piercing punch. It holds 15 bullets in its chamber and fires as fast as you can pull the trigger.

Special Abilities

  • Dual Wield

    Why have one when you could have two? A true Gun Cleric always goes akimbo. Gain a second pistol and holster for double the firepower.

  • Proximity Reload

    Skip the clip. Automatically reload your pistol by simply touching it to your holster and save precious seconds.

  • Charged Shot

    Press and hold the trigger to charge and release a powerful slug that can penetrate enemies, dealing deadly piercing damage to multiple assailants.

  • Fusion Charged Shot

    Merge your double Charged Shots together to fire a massive orb of explosive energy that detonates upon impact.


  • Bulletstorm

    Unleash an automatic fiery barrage of self-replicating nano rounds that don’t deplete your ammo.

  • Timewarp

    Become one with your bullet: time slows down for a brief moment, allowing you to line up that fatal headshot.

Boss Boss

Operative Profile: Boss

Background: The former gang leader of the 49th Street Zhanshis (Mandarin for “Warriors”), Boss was betrayed and sent to prison, where he allowed himself to be injected with a swarm of experimental strength—and speed-enhancing nano-assemblers in exchange for a reduced sentence. When Boss was released, he used his deadly skills and street smarts to perform jobs for the highest bidder on the dark-net “Merc Exchange.” This led to Boss being contracted as an operative for SyndiK8 for their most dangerous jobs. But Boss has a secret: Eden Corp is really responsible for the pile of misfortune he’s experienced in life. But why let SyndiK8 know that when he can get paid to take them down?

Classification: Street Merc—raised in an American ghetto in Hong Kong, Boss’ criminal standing, nano enhancements, street smarts, gang skills, and hardened mindset make him an unstoppable force even in the most dire of circumstances.

Weapon: Dominator Shotgun, a heavy pump-action shotgun with 12 metal-shredding shells and three auto-regenerating plasma grenades that deal some series area-clearing power to even the heaviest of armored enemies.

Special Abilities

  • Nade Launcher

    Pull the alt trigger to launch up to three plasma grenades, then detonate to completely obliterate enemies in your path.

  • Quad Chamber

    Give your arm a break: pumping the shotgun now chambers four shells instead of just one.

  • Aerial Detonation

    Upgrade your grenades with remote detonators, making it easier than ever to rain death from above. Pull the non-dominant-hand trigger again after launching to manually detonate the grenade while it’s mid-flight.

  • Iron Fist

    Clench your fist near your head to charge, then punch forward to devastate whatever’s in your path.


  • Air Juggle

    Release a supersonic blast that throws enemies up into the air. Who’s up for some target practice?

  • Fury

    Unleash the Fury: take reduced damage and keep your arms constantly charged for rapid Iron Fist punches. Overcharge your fists even more to unleash an ultimate finishing move.

Saija Saija

Operative Profile: Saija

Background: The operative known as Saija is one driven by a single-minded vengeance. Raised by a defector from an ancient and immoral group of assassins known as The Shimmering Blade, Saija defied her father and rejoined the order after he refused to avenge her mother’s death at the hands of Eden Corp. She allowed herself to be bonded into a cybernetic suit that transformed her into a weapon—but also stole a piece of her essential humanity.

Classification: Cyber Ninja—already well-trained in the arts of advanced ninjutsu, her cybernetic suit increases her dexterity and reaction time a hundredfold, as well as enhancing her senses and amplifying her attacks.

Weapon: Flash Blade, an energy-charged katana sharper than any honed steel. Wielded with one or both hands, it can be charged for extra damage and reach and doubles as a whirling Boomerang Katana to take out fire from above.

Special Abilities

  • Dual Katanas

    Allows Saija to wield two Flash Blades at once. Draw her second Flash Blade from the other shoulder. Note that you must sheathe one Flash Blade in order to use Telekinesis.

  • Katana Throw

    Throw your sword like a spinning boomerang and cut through multiple attackers, both ways.

  • Focal Strike

    Grip blade with both hands near your head to charge, then unleash a lethal strike with increased reach and power.

  • Telekinesis

    Manipulate gravity to lift multiple enemies into the air, crush them to pieces, or launch them into oblivion with a flick of your wrist.


  • Levitation Smash

    Rise above the battle, then come crashing back down with a devastating AOE and forward energy blast.

  • Shadowslash

    Your blade is an extension of your soul—and it’s hungry for revenge. Release razor-sharp, heat-seeking beams with every slash.

Elder Elder

Operative Profile: Elder

Background: Elder has lived a long life, a statement which only compounds in meaning in a world where nanotechnology and matter replication have effectively doubled the lifespan of the average human being. In fact, Elder was already 100 when he met Atsuko, the woman who convinced him to give up his life as an assassin for The Shimmering Blade.

Classification: Gun Cleric—specialist in “Gun Fu,” a form of close-quarters combat that resembles martial arts, but uses firearms in place of traditional weapons, transforming a simple shootout into a ballet of bullets at superhuman speeds.

Weapon: The Viper Bow is a compound energy bow that forms and fires incendiary plasma arrows with deadly accuracy. The arrows formed by Elder’s crystalline matter generator can be imbued with a variety of crowd-control and damage-dealing nanotech enhancements.

Special Abilities

  • Charged Arrow

    Make each shot count. Charged Arrow empowers your crystalline arrows to cause more destruction when it hits home.

  • Multi Shot Arrow

    Spray and pray: Multi Shot Arrow splits a Charged Arrow into five smaller arrows that fire in a spread pattern.

  • Tagging Arrow

    Like shooting robots off the line, Tagging Arrow tags targets in an area with a homing signal, so all your other arrows will automatically aim at any tagged target at which you’re looking.

  • Holo Decoy

    Herd hapless bots into killing position with a lifelike Holo Decoy that mimics your arm movement, distracts your enemies, and explodes after taking a set amount of damage.


  • Crystal Hazard

    Difficult terrain ahead: Crystal Hazard generates a special crystalline arrow that shatters on impact into a lingering AoE. Enemies within the area are slowed, take constant damage, and take additional damage from all sources.

  • Explosive Arrows

    Fire in the hole! Explosive Arrows modifies the composition of your crystalline arrows so they explode on impact! While active, all crystalline arrows formed are Explosive Arrows.


  • Rapidly navigate around the map (or make a quick escape) with Teleshift: short-distance teleporter technology!

    To teleport, click on the non-dominant controller’s trackpad. A purple energy beam and target indicator will display. Move your controller to target the destination while holding the left controller trackpad. Release to teleport to the target location.

Some destinations are Teleshift beacons; these will appear as purple cylinders when targeted. Targeting a beacon will allow you to teleport a longer distance.

Cores, Defenses and Upgrades

Data Cores

Raw data extraction is made swift and easy with the Copernicus model 438-C Portable Data Core, used by all SyndiK8 operatives. However, once the extraction process is started, please take all precautions to protect the Data Core against external interruption.

Initiate each mission by inserting the Data Extractor: use the Grip buttons to pick up the Extractor, then insert it into the designated port on the Core. When a phase is complete, grab or shoot the Extractor to start the next wave.


Place deployable Defenses around the map at critical choke points as extra insurance against Eden’s endless robot army. At the start of each mission, you will have 200 credits to spend on Defenses using the Builder Tool, with additional credits earned by killing enemies.

Press Menu on the dominant-hand controller to bring up and dismiss the Builder Tool. When opened, the Builder Tool will have the Turret selected by default. Swipe the trackpad left or right to select the Repair or Delete option. With your choice selected, point the tool at the ground (or at an existing Defense) and hold down trigger to place/repair it.

  • Turret - Medium-range, rapid-fire laser, mortar, or plasma turret.
  • Shield Station - Deployable cover that emits a projectile-blocking barrier.
  • Repair - Repairs an existing Defense.
  • Delete - Removes the Defense and returns a percent of its value.


SyndiK8 needs the most thorough feedback possible to make our weapons more badass and your defenses more impenetrable. Once your mission is complete and you’ve returned to base, please submit a detailed report of your experience at Eden Corp: synthetic behavior, weapon and ability effectiveness, environment details—anything that caught your notice.

Bug Reporting & Feedback

With Raw Data, we want to make the most compelling and immersive VR gaming experience available. After you’ve played our Early Access build, we need your honest feedback and thoughts on the experience. Here’s where you can reach us:

  • Email us directly at support@survios.com with your issue or feedback.
  • Join and post in the official Raw Data Steam community, where you can interact directly with Survios’ development team throughout the Early Access period: steamcommunity.com/app/436320
  • Use the Support Ticket form on the official Raw Data website to report bugs or troubleshoot issues: www.survios.com/rawdata/report-bug
  • Thank you! Nice work, and stay on the lookout for your next SyndiK8 assignment.