Raw Data Game

Raw Data User Guide

Section 00 - Table of Contents

  1. Dossier
  2. Hero Loadout
  3. Arsenal & Special Abilities
  4. EXE's (Ultimates)
  5. Locomotion
  6. Cores, Defenses and Upgrades
  7. Debriefing

Section 01 - Dossier

Mission Overview

Neo-Shinjuku - 2271. The massive and seemingly benevolent Eden Corporation owns the world. The elite hacker resistance movement SyndiK8 has unearthed the sinister reality behind Eden Corp’s newest line of robotic products.

As one of SyndiK8’s top operatives, your mission is simple: infiltrate Eden Tower, steal one geopbyte of data, and get out alive--bringing Eden Corp down in your wake.

There’s one small glitch in the plan: standing between you and success are droves of Eden Corp’s advanced security synthetics, which are permanently programmed to kill on sight. Luckily, at your disposal is SyndiK8’s hack-and-go arsenal of cutting-edge upgrades and executables.

Up for the job? Excellent. Before you head out, let’s review your loadout.


Basic Controls

Use the Grip buttons to pick up* the data extractor or any weapons.

The Trigger will fire a gun (of course) and reveal other weapons’ hidden features.

The right Trackpad activates special abilities. Hold down the right trackpad to bring up the ability interface, then swipe left or right (depending on the desired ability) and release the trackpad to activate the ability.

*Currently, the game is using one of the three control schemes we intend on shipping with. This control scheme is the Sticky mode (beginner) where any object is picked up with a single press of the Grip button and remains in your hands until another object is interacted with. To pick up another object, move your hand to the other object and press the Grip button again (even if you are still holding a weapon).

*The other modes will include Toggle mode (intermediate) and Hold mode (advanced).


Every time you successfully complete a mission, you will uncover stolen tech that unlocks special abilities and upgrades. These can be purchased with in-game credits awarded from completing missions.

Section 02 - Hero Loadout


Class: Gun Cleric

Background: A devoted practitioner of Gun Fu, Bishop channels energy through his pistols, turning any shootout into a ballet of bullets at superhuman speeds.

Starts with: Crusader 10mm Pistol, Charged Shot


Class: Cyber Ninja

Background: As a master of telekinetic Ninjutsu, Saija can deflect bullets, catapult foes into the sky, and rip enemies to pieces with her lethal blades.

Starts with: Flash Blade, Katana Throw


Operative still in SyndiK8 training. Will be debriefed soon.


Operative still in SyndiK8 training. Will be debriefed soon.

Section 03 - Arsenal & Special Abilities

Crusader 10mm Pistols (Bishop)

  • Use the Grip buttons to pull pistol off your dominant hip. Pull Trigger to fire. To reload, use the Grip buttons to pull an ammo clip off your non-dominant hip and insert into pistol.
  • Upgrade: Dual Pistols - The true Gun Fu master always goes akimbo. Pull pistols and clips off each hip.
  • Upgrade: Proximity Reload - Skip the clip: just touch your gun(s) to your hips or lower back to automatically reload, saving precious seconds.
  • Charged Shot: Release a powerful slug that can penetrate nearly any surface and deal deadly piercing damage to multiple assailants.
  • Hold down Trigger and release once the shot has been fully charged.
  • Upgrade: Fusion Charged Shot - Currently in beta; coming soon.

Flash Blade (Saija)

  • Unsheath Flash Blade by reaching over your right shoulder and squeezing the Grip buttons. Pull Trigger to activate/retract blade.
  • Katana Throw: Throw your sword like a spinning boOmerang and cut through multiple attackers, both ways.
  • Hold Grip buttons and make a throwing gesture while releasing Grip buttons. Control blade’s flight path by moving your hand.
  • Bullet Counter: Charge the blade, magnifying bullet deflection capability. Grip the hilt with two hands and use to block.

Other Abilities

  • Shuriken Stream (unlock): Project rapid-fire streams of shurikens that tear apart adversaries in a brief burst. In hand that isn’t holding a weapon, hold down Trigger.
  • Gravity Thrust (unlock): Manipulate gravity to knock enemies back, shove them sideways, or pull them forward. Hold down Grip buttons and make a pushing/pulling arm gesture at an enemy.

Dominator Shotgun (Street Merc)

  • Will be added to arsenal soon.

Viper Bow (Rogue Hunter)

  • Will be added to arsenal soon.

Section 04 - EXE's (ULTIMATES)

Save these for the right moment--monitor special ability cooldowns on your in-game forearm display.


Timewarp: Become one with the bullet as time slows down for a brief moment to line up that fatal headshot. Hold down the right controller trackpad to bring up the special ability interface, then swipe right and release the trackpad.

Bulletstorm: Unleash an automatic fiery barrage of self-replicating nano rounds that don’t deplete ammo. Hold down the right controller trackpad to bring up the special ability interface, then swipe left and release the trackpad.


Levitation Smash: Float above the battlefield--then come crashing back down with a devastating energy blast in all directions. Hold down the right controller trackpad to bring up the special ability interface, then swipe right and release the trackpad.

Telekinesis: Currently in beta; coming soon.

Section 05 - Locomotion

Quickly navigate around the space with Teledash: short-distance teleporter technology!

To teleport, click on the non-dominant controller’s trackpad. An energy beam and target indicator will display. Move your controller to target the destination while holding the left controller trackpad. Release to teleport to the target location.

Section 06 - Cores, Defenses and Upgrades

Data Cores

Raw data extraction is made swift and easy with the Copernicus model 438-C Portable Data Core, used by all SyndiK8 operatives. However, once the extraction process is started, please take all precautions to guard the Data Core against external interruption.

  • Start each mission by inserting the Data Extractor: use the Grip buttons to pick up the Extractor, then insert it into the designated port on the Core.


At the start of each mission, you will have 200 credits to spend on Defenses using the Builder Tool, with additional credits earned by killing enemies.

Builder Tool: Place, repair, or delete Defenses with this convenient all-in-one metatool.

  • Turret - Medium-range rapid fire laser turret More Defenses will be programmed into the Builder Tool soon.
  • Repair - Repairs an existing Defense
  • Delete - Removes the Defense and returns a percent of its value

Press Menu on the dominant-hand controller to bring up and dismiss the Builder Tool. When opened, the Builder Tool will have the Turret selected by default. Swipe the Trackpad left or right to to select the Repair or Delete option. With your choice selected, point the tool at the ground (or at an existing Defense) and hold down Trigger to place/repair it.

As you unlock Eden’s stolen tech, you can hack into one of their conveniently-placed terminals to upgrade your weapons and abilities. Reach out towards the buttons on the terminal until your hand animates into a “pointing position.” Using the pointed finger, highlight the desired upgrade and pull Trigger to select.

Section 07 - Debriefing

SyndiK8 needs the most thorough feedback possible to make our weapons more badass and your defenses more impenetrable. Once your mission is complete and you’ve returned to base, please submit a detailed report of your experience at Eden Corp: synthetic behavior, weapon and ability effectiveness, environment details--anything that caught your notice.

Bug Reporting & Feedback

  • With Raw Data, we want to make the most compelling and immersive VR gaming experience available. After you’ve played our Early Access build, we need your honest feedback and thoughts on the experience. Here’s where you can reach us: support@survios.com
  • Join and post in the official Raw Data Steam community, where you can interact directly with Survios’ development team throughout the Early Access period: steamcommunity.com/app/436320
  • Use the Support Ticket form on the official Raw Data website to report bugs or troubleshoot issues: www.rawdatagame.com/report-bug

Thank you! Nice work, and stay on the lookout for your next SyndiK8 assignment.