• Is Raw Data VR only?

    Yes. We built Raw Data from the ground up to be a VR experience.

  • How much space do I need to play Raw Data?

    HTC’s recommended maximum distance between the Vive Lighthouses is five meters (16.4').

    In our experiences with different play spaces, here are the sizes we’ve determined are workable:

    Bare minimum: 5’ by 6.5’ square (Active VR movement will be restricted) Maximum: 23’ square (causes tracking issues with the controllers)

  • What inspired Raw Data?

    We’re all huge science fiction nerds and action combat aficionados, so naturally, that was the world we wanted to create for our first truly immersive VR gaming experience.

  • What game engine does Raw Data use?

    We used Unreal Engine 4 to bring Raw Data to life.
    For more information on how our devs used UE4, check out the official Unreal Engine blog feature on Raw Data.


  • What do I need to play Raw Data?

    Minimum system requirements:

    OS: Windows 10
    Processor: Intel i5-4590
    Memory: 8GB RAM
    Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 970
    DirectX: Version 9.0
    Network: Broadband Internet connection
    Storage: 10GB available space

    Recommended system requirements:

    OS: Windows 10
    Processor: Intel i7-4770
    Memory: 16GB RAM
    Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 980
    DirectX: Version 12
    Network: Broadband Internet connection
    Storage: 10GB available space

  • Will Raw Data have Linux support?

    Right now, Raw Data does not support Linux. This is something we will be considering in the future.


  • Will/Does Raw Data have online multiplayer?

    Yes – Raw Data Early Access launches with online co-op functionality.

  • I’m playing on Steam/Oculus Home and want to play Raw Data with my friend who is on a different VR platform, but I don't see him on my friends list. How do I set up a cross-platform game?

    Friends lists are locked to their respective platforms—Steam users won’t see Oculus Home users on their friends list, and vice versa—but you can play together by using Raw Data’s multiplayer search function. Check out our guide here for setting up a cross-platform game.

    Side note: with cross-platform play, the quick match and matchmaking functions will automatically pair Steam and Oculus Home users together; additionally, the blue avatars that appear in the Showroom are populated by both Oculus Home and Steam users.

  • Will Raw Data have more weapons/enemies/etc.?

    Yes. We are actively working on new missions, heroes, weapons, defenses, enemies, and more. We will be pushing updates to Raw Data early access every two weeks. Find us on the Steam Community Hub for the most up-to-date news and discussions. Follow us on our social media channels (Twitter and Facebook) and/or sign up for the official Raw Data newsletter for important news.

  • Will there be locomotion in the Early Access and/or final release of Raw Data?

    The Early Access release features a dash-style teleport system that will give players mobility around the in-game maps.

    We will also be including the option for joystick/trackpad based positional translation in the future, for players who prefer this locomotion method also.

  • Does Raw Data have a single-player mode?

    Yes! The levels’ difficulty scales to provide a fun—but not impossible—challenge.

Store & billing

  • Why is Raw Data not currently available for purchase in my country or region?

    There are some countries such as China where we are still working out our distribution plans with potential partners, while taking into account localization and game design for users. We are working as quickly as we can to bring Raw Data to everyone. We appreciate your patience and support.


  • What does the PlayStation VR version of Raw Data feature?

    Currently, Raw Data on PlayStation VR includes the complete single-player narrative campaign with all missions and all four playable heroes.

  • Does the PlayStation VR version of Raw Data have full locomotion?

    Yes, there are options to play with either teleportation-based or artificial full locomotion.

  • Does the PlayStation VR version of Raw Data support the Aim controller?

    No. Raw Data's gameplay is designed for two independent controllers and requires two PlayStation Move controllers to play.

  • Will the PlayStation VR version of Raw Data include co-op and/or Hostile Takeover PvP?

    We are continuing to explore co-op and PvP for PSVR, but cannot promise if and when it will get into the game.

  • Will there be a version of Raw Data compatible with the PS Pro?

    Yes, we are working on a version of Raw Data that will work with the PS Pro.