Raw Data Game


Whatever side you’re on, this fight is personal.

Often requested and hotly anticipated, PvP is finally coming to Raw Data. Featuring the same nanotech-enhanced heroes with revamped abilities and balanced power levels, Hostile Takeover pits you against the most challenging enemies ever encountered in VR: your fellow players.

On this new 10-player King of the Hill map, duke it out over the Data Core as you try to wrest control from Eden’s enforcers—or show SyndiK8 the true might of mended humanity.

This summer, Survios is hosting Raw Data: Hostile Takeover Closed Beta Weekends to pit the best of the best against each other as polish and refine this all-new VR PvP experience. To sign up for the closed beta, please provide us with your email.*


*Please note that signing up does not guarantee a beta invitation.