Raw Data Game

  • “You’ll feel as though you did a lot more than just play a videogame.”
  • “No other title delivers this feeling...an out-of-body experience that I’ve never had before.”
  • “It’s worth coming back to tonight, tomorrow, and next week, like great console and computer games.”
  • “Raw Data is a must-play HTC Vive game.”
  • “It’s intuitive, it's challenging and it’s an incredible amount of fun.”
  • “A thrill ride I didn’t want to end...a must-own VR game.”

Syndik8 now recruiting.
Fight for your humanity.

Jump straight into high-octane sci-fi combat that turns you into the hero of your own adrenaline-charged action movie.

  • Be a Hero

    What’s your fighting style? Choose from multiple heroes with unique weapons and abilities.

  • Active VR

    Your body is the controller. Swing a katana, pump a shotgun, draw a bow--then duck, spin, deflect, and dodge to avoid enemy fire.

  • Online Co-op

    Online co-op lets you bring along a trusted partner to cover your back. Change the game by pairing up different heroes.

  • Challenging Missions

    Gain access to new levels of Eden Corp throughout an engaging story campaign, each with its own layout, obstacles, and strategies.

  • Badass Abilities

    Defy gravity, slow time, unleash deadly barrages, and more with powerful special abilities and ultimates.

  • Weapons & Defenses

    Do battle with a futuristic arsenal of firepower, including deployable turrets and barricades for extra insurance.

Be the hero you know you are.

Take on Eden Corp as one of SyndiK8’s elite operatives, each with his or her own unique weapon, special abilities, and ultimate finishers.

Early Access Pack

Be among the first to join the elite ranks of the SyndiK8 against Eden Corp.

  • Dev Team Direct Line

    Initiate the download and become an active part of Raw Data’s development as your feedback drives new content creation throughout Early Access and beyond.

  • Experience New Content

    Play the newest material--missions, challenges, heroes, and more--as soon as it's added throughout the Early Access period.

  • Buy Once, Play Always

    Get Raw Data during Early Access and you'll also get the full game at launch, including all upcoming post-release content.


  • Hands-On with Raw Data Multiplayer VR Combat!

  • VR Robot Assassins - Raw Data

  • This is Real - Survios

    HTC Vive
  • The best HTC Vive demo so far! - Raw Data, Intel Booth, PAX East 2016


News & Updates


    February 13, 2017

    Virtual reality attracts a unique mix of gamers, tech enthusiasts, and visionaries–each with a compelling story to tell. We want to know what makes them tick, so we’re featuring...

  • SyndiK8 Profile: Bishop, the Gun Cleric (Video)

    January 26, 2017

    Hello, and welcome to the first Raw Data SyndiK8 Profile! In this video feature, we’re going over the loadout for Bishop, the Gun Cleric, whose dual-pistol-centric gameplay makes him...

  • The Music of Raw Data with Jeremy Nathan Tisser

    January 25, 2017

    We had the chance to sit down and talk with composer Jeremy Nathan Tisser about the experience of creating the music of Raw Data. Along the way, we learn...


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    Feb 23, 7:01pm
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    Feb 21, 7:01pm
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    Feb 20, 10:09pm
  • It's happening--soon(tm). https://t.co/f7wRuotvA2
    Feb 20, 10:00pm
  • Exciting new #VR developments coming soon at Survios...which we're clearly taking VERY seriously. 👀 https://t.co/i3FAvtm1s7
    Feb 20, 8:30pm
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    Feb 20, 6:41pm
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    Feb 20, 1:54am
  • ATTN students: one month left to apply for @Survios internships! ⌚ 📝 Get a #VR headstart with our immersive program: https://t.co/FJSkDjqJcw
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    Feb 15, 10:00pm
  • Stoked to hear @Survios Head of Studio Chris Hewish & others at #EngageLA Digital Storytelling conference today! https://t.co/0ZAcS62vQJ
    Feb 15, 4:01pm
  • No, thank you @anniesedibles for the sweet #Valentine surprise! Check them out for AMAZING #LA lunch catering! https://t.co/BJxWNITPY6
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    Feb 14, 8:00pm

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