Become a Survios Intern

In summer 2016, as part of Survios’ busiest, craziest, and most awesome year yet, we welcomed our first team of interns to our Los Angeles offices to dive headfirst into the ever-evolving, sometimes chaotic, and always awesome world of VR game development. And now we’re doing it all again!

At Survios, we’ve helped bring VR to the mainstream with the #1-selling sci-fi title Raw Data and the most successful funding rounds in the industry. And as a Survios Intern, you’ll be an integral part of the team that’s not just making VR for now, but working to bring the future of technology into today. From engineers to artists, we provide the perfect creative environment for fostering tomorrow’s top gaming talent. Bring your own ideas and innovations to the table and work alongside Survios’ seasoned veterans to conceptualize and prototype the next wave of must-play VR games and experiences.


This is a 13-week, on-site internship at Survios HQ in Los Angeles, California, from May 15 – August 11.


  • Applicants must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Applicants must be currently attending or recently graduated from high school/secondary school or college.
  • Game development intern applicants must have a working knowledge of Unity3D or Unreal Engine. These will be the main development tools used during the course of the internship.

International Applicants

International applications will be considered based on availability of U.S. Visitor Visas or other temporary Visa arrangements.


Each intern will receive a biweekly stipend of $500. Interns located outside of the greater Los Angeles area will receive housing subsidies for the duration of the internship if necessary.

Important Dates

  • January 1: Applications open.
  • March 27: Applications and tests due.*
  • April 14: Interns selected and notified.
  • May 15: First day of internship program. Interns must report to Survios HQ in Los Angeles.
  • August 11: Last day of internship program.

*Accepting late submissions for audio engineers and sound designers.

  • “My internship at Survios jump-started my career. I honed my skills as an artist and learned what kind of work I enjoy doing. I now have a better idea what direction I want to take my career, what kind of work environment I thrive in, and a better understanding of the game industry as a whole. The Survios internship is a fantastic opportunity to learn, network, and make life-long friends.”

    Lauren Lehmann \ Art Intern
  • “Interning with Survios was one of the most hands-on, professional experiences I've had while studying animation at Gnomon. The workplace is incredibly friendly, and I was able to jump right into active projects alongside a slew of experienced pros who were happy to show me the ropes. Design meetings, art reviews, team critiques, real-time workflow and a heck of a lot of interdepartmental collaboration are just a few pieces of the amazing experience I had here. Survios is a company defined by its passionate and creative environment, and from day one I felt welcomed as part of the family.”

    Adam Waldman \ Animation Intern
  • “Survios stood out from other companies in their internship program in that the company followed a show, don't tell approach when it came to selecting us as interns. We were each given a few weeks to take a high-level game concept and create a playable prototype. From this process, we received the opportunity to work with other amazingly-talented interns and industry veterans on multiple projects, and we even attended E3 to show off Raw Data! The internship presented itself as a challenge, but with the friendly work culture and comfortable work environment, I was learning at an accelerated pace and enjoying the challenge to the point of not wanting to leave work!”

    Jesse Yeh \ Game Programming Intern
  • “Interning at Survios was the best summer of my entire life. It was so satisfying getting to work with so many talented people and doing fun work that I personally felt was not only mine but would also make it into actual shipping products. It allowed me to see what it was finally like to work at my dream job as a video game developer and gave me the experience I needed to feel ready for the world of game development.”

    Edward Tucker \ Game Programming Intern