Innovators Wanted. No Prior Experience Required.

Looking for your opportunity to jump careers and break into the games industry? Consider this: at Survios we recognize that great ideas can come from anywhere—it’s passion, determination, and innovation that matters. That’s why our team is comprised of seasoned games veterans alongside fresh minds new to the industry.

Survios’ Break Into the Games Industry Program gives your great game design ideas the chance to shine in a professional studio, no networking necessary.


The Break In program is a year-round opportunity—no restrictive deadlines to cramp your creativity. Build your short game prototype on your own schedule, and when you’re ready, submit it via our application instructions below. You’ll receive professional feedback on your game straight from the Survios devs and—if your ideas wow us—a chance to join the Survios team.


  • Applicants must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Applicants must have a working knowledge of Unreal Engine 4.

International Applicants

International applications will be considered based on availability of U.S. Visitor Visas or other temporary Visa arrangements.

How to Apply

  • Fill out our Online Application (including your resume, a personal statement, and any relevant project links) through the following link: Apply Here
  • Complete our Game Prototype Test:
    • Build a simple game prototype in Unreal Engine 4 (no collaborations, please). The prototype must be enjoyable and replayable, but the game doesn’t have to be too intricate—simple capsules and programmer art are fine. We’re looking for fun and interactivity!
    • The game must use one of the following prompts. Submissions that do not follow one of the following prompts will not be considered:
      • Racquetball: Create a simple racquetball game. Make your character swing and hit a ball that must bounce off of the far wall to score a point. Create a simple AI that attempts to hit the ball as well. Count your score versus the AI score.
      • Fight: Create a first-person fighting game with very simple controls and AI. You win when you knock down your opponent.
        • Bonus points: Add the ability to block the opponent’s attacks.
      • Puzzle: Create a simple first-person puzzle-solving experience. The puzzle must have parts that are randomly generated so that each puzzle is unique and different.
      • Music: Create a simple music game where the player’s inputs change some element of the music.
    • Extra bonus points: Add second player support!
  • Complete and submit our timed Game Development Quiz (60 questions in 30 minutes). This link will be sent to you via email after you submit your application.
    • The timer starts as soon as you begin. This is a general quiz that covers many topics, including computer science, art, tools and more.
  • Please complete the timed quiz and submit your completed prototype to

We wish you the best of luck on your applications, and we can’t wait to work with you!